Fasting To A Stronger You

September 6, 2017

There are many diet plans and nutrition programs that you can follow and even new ones popping up everyday promising the world.


My favourite is an old school one that has been around for very very long time. Fasting or Intermittent Fasting like some like to call it... is my absolute favourite one to do.


I have always looked at health and fitness from a holistic approach and where it’s not just about the calories but also about what you eat and the quality. For example, ‘If it fits your macros’ is a common and popular trend amongst people that just want to watch calories and not quality. Usually some bodybuilders and mostly younger guys love prescribing to this model because it allows you to eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your caloric range.


Yes, from a strictly scientific approach, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than gain in a day and to put on weight you need consume more calories than you burn off. A simple equation of calories in and calories out when it comes to gaining weight and losing weight. However, not all foods are equal and not all foods have the nutrients needed for a healthy body, mind and longevity.


The reason I like fasting the most is because you’re not only working on your physical self, but also on your mental and spiritual self. It gives you a chance to say no and stay strong and committed to fighting urges. It forces you not to succumb to your desires and to overpower them.


You will still lose weight and gain muscle, all you have to do it just not eat as often.Especially in today’s day and age where instant gratification is rampant in all parts of life. To a point where we get annoyed if we can’t even tap our debit or credit cards at certain machines. Think about that, we get annoyed for having to insert a card and punch in numbers which takes a max 10 seconds to do.


Health and fitness is more than just lifting weights and counting calories. There is a deeper purpose behind it. How often do we feel too lazy or tired to pray or to take time out to volunteer in the community or even play with the kids? A lot of this is because of the way we treat our bodies. We assume we can eat, drink, and do as we please with no repercussions except putting on a few pounds, wrong.


Self-control is a key part of being healthy and getting fit. Taking out time a few hours a week and being mindful about what goes into our bodies is crucial. That’s the great thing about fasting, you don’t need to run around looking for food. You don’t need to prep a lot of food. It helps keep it simple and not over complicate things.


Now you can do the regular Islamic fast from sun up to sun down. Or you can do an intermittent fast where you can still drink water throughout the day and a tea/coffee once a day. Or pick certain days out of the month to fast.


For example scholars have said there is benefit in fasting on Mondays and Thursdays or on the middle 3 days of the month in a Islamic calendar. Also, the day of Arafat and others such days tha


t bring immense benefits of fasting on such a blessed day.


This is why I enjoy and recommend adding fasting to your nutrition plans, because it adds a spiritual element to it as well. Now that’s just what you will benefit from it. But I will guarantee that your family will try or start to follow suit as well.


Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, they just need a push, you can be the source of encouragement in your household. Imagine eating healthier, getting fit and strong and gaining rewards for it. What better plan can there be.


Stay Strong!











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