4 Exercises To Get You Strong And Lean

August 11, 2017

The following 4 should be staples in your program. However, each one as beneficial as they are can also be detrimental if not done right. These exercises are great because they will build muscle, strength and develop your central nervous system.




1. Deadlifts 

- You are merely picking up weight off the floor. BUT, structural integrity is key. From your head positioning all the way down to your feet, your form needs to be on point. It is a great exercise in building a strong posture and will expose many mobility issues that may exist. If you have any sort of injury/restriction, deadlifting properly will be almost impossible until you correct the issue. So your mobility, strength and posture will all improve simply by trying to better your deadlift.


2. Dips 

- So many variations to play with for dips. Add weights, slow the tempo, do high reps etc… Most people can’t do dips because of lack of mobility in their shoulders. So it is important to correct the mobility in your shoulders in order to do dips. If you spend time on just developing a good dip, it will improve your posture, any shoulder issues and of course mobility. So much out of simply doing dips, why would you not add it to your program?


3. Squats

- Barbell Squats, Goblet Squats, Single Leg Squats, Squats for dayysss…. I can probably fill the whole page full of different variations of squats. So much goes into having a good squat, from ankle mobility to shoulder mobility to core strength to glute activation and so much more. Being able to squat is a ‘primal’ movement that humans have been doing since the beginning of time. Squatting is so important and will expose imbalances that it has to be apart of a program. If you cannot squat, it’s not the exercise, it’s you. Find out why and try to correct the issue and get to squatting.


4. Pull-ups/Chin-ups 

- Pulling yourself up. That’s it… you can find hundreds of variations of pull-ups. Being able to pull your bodyweight is so important in building a strong and functional body that it cannot be neglected. There are many progression exercises you can do to improve the pull up. For example, use a band or the pull up machine and keep decreasing the weight to provide less help. You need to be strong pound for pound and being able to lift yourself up is key.




These four exercises should be the foundation of your programming. You can do just these four every time and you will get strong. You don’t need to complicate your workout. Keep it simple and train smart.




Stay Strong!





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