Too Busy To Be Productive

May 2, 2017


Oxymoron anyone?


Well how else can you explain when we don’t prioritize our own health. Work, wife, kids, friends, other commitments, always come in the way somehow. We get to a point where we just don’t prioritize working out.


We will tell ourselves ‘Oh no, I’m definitely going to start this week’, and then 3 months go by…


How many of us had it apart of our ‘New Years Resolution’?


Not prioritizing your workouts will cause: weight increase, unhealthy eating, increase in stress, anxiety, more susceptible to getting sick, lower back pain, knee pain, I can honestly keep going but I’ll stop.  Also, it will also lower your attention span and will also lead to lower productivity at work.


We risk our very own livelihood by increasing sick days, days you can’t sit or walk straight because of your lower back, which also affects work performance. Our stress and anxiety will not only hamper the quality of work but also starts to affect family time and all other relationships.


Working out can very easily solve all of the above. And listen, I completely understand how life can get in the way and it just gets tough to take time out.


So what if I was to tell you, you don’t need 4-5 days a week?

You don’t need to spend 2-3 hours a day inside of a gym.

You don’t need to overthink your workouts either.

You can actually fit it right into your schedule.


All you need is just about 30-45 minutes, twice a week. Ideal, 3 times a week of 45-minutes to 1-hour max.


That’s it. At the beginning of the week, you schedule in two 45-minute workouts. You pick the day and time, don’t over think it. And just like that you have started to progress towards decreasing the above-mentioned downsides.


You actually start being more productive.


Imagine being able to give work more quality time, with less the time spent on it. Simply because you aren’t as stressed or you don’t get that mid day grogginess from your blood sugar being out of whack, because now you have an outlet to burn the stored sugar. Increasing quality of work while decreasing time spent on work, now that is a great ROI!


Ultimately, you are responsible for your schedule. Only you can control how you prioritize your time. Is being healthy for your family or work important? Can you continue your work if you get really sick or injured? No one can predict the future, but we can work to prevent catastrophes.


Believe in yourself, look at your schedule and invest time in yourself. Your family, work, friends and your future self will thank you for it.



All the best! 



Stay Strong. 




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