4 Steps To A Workout Program

January 12, 2017

A safe and effective workout program is multi layered and can be complicated. If not done right, you could be spending lots of time in the gym like a hamster on a wheel, getting nowhere. It is crucial to assure that regardless of your goals or experience, you follow strict form on every exercise and take precaution on

managing how you feel after each and every exercise.


Building a program first and foremost needs to start with your goals. Based off that you will be able to determine what you need to focus on.


Here are 4 aspects you can focus on:


1. Specificity


A foundational component that is very important for a workout program. You need to train according to your goals. So if you want to become a powerlifter and only follow bodybuilding parameters, you will find it very hard to achieve your goals.


Most people who play sports are guilty of this. They follow a bodybuilding style format and hope it gets them better at their sport. Athletic training is very different then training to simply achieve big muscles that stand out.



2. Overload


Forcing your body to work harder so it can continue to improve and not stagnate.Training at an intensity level that you are not use to. However, it is vital to have caution and not get out of hand with your workouts. So if you feel like throwing up or get dizzy, something is wrong and your body is telling you, you did something wrong. To throw up due to a workout is not a badge of honor, but a sign that you’re harming yourself more than improving.


A few ways to achieve overload is: Increasing the weight lifted, shortening your rest interval, adding more reps and sets and increasing the number of workouts in a week.


3. Variation


Such as: Intensity, volume, frequency of training, exercise selection, and rest intervals. In order to apply variation, a great way to do so is to periodize your program. This will help avoid any plateaus that can occur.  So for example, if you want to target strength you will also go through a phase of building muscle. This also avoids doing the same thing and gives you something else to look forward too.


4. Progression


Why work out if there’s no progression?! An effective and beneficial program will continue to give you results and progress. However, a training program will not continue to indefinitely give you the same results. You will need to provide change and alterations to your workouts.

Look for different ways to challenge yourself but still staying within your goals. You shouldn’t always go in trying to do 10 reps of everything no matter what, your progress will stop after a certain point. 




Following the steps above is a simple way to make sure you will achieve the results you want. Look at the program you have and ask yourself, are the above four points covered. And if you’re going to the gym without a plan, then find one. Why waste time guessing when you can prepare and be productive in the spent inside the gym.



Like always, feel free to contact me for any questions. 



Stay Strong! 



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