Are You On A Diet?!

January 4, 2017


I hate the word 'diet'. Whenever someone is caught eating healthy, it's assumed they are on a 'diet'. If you're careful of what you put into your body, apparently that means you're on a 'diet'. People have even gone so far as to put a negative connotation towards it. As if it requires work, so giving people a reason to avoid eating anything healthy in front of others, just so you're not labeled as someone who is 'dieting'. Eating healthy or making healthier choices, is not dieting, it's just being mindful.


There are no quick fixes, you can't just drink a potion and reboot your system. We have to understand that health and fitness is a lifelong approach. That does not mean you have to eat broccoli and brussels sprouts everyday. You can still have your desserts and fried food, just not everyday.


We have to look at what we eat and ask ourselves if this is productive to our body. Yes, food that is considered unhealthy, usually tastes better. But primarily because we have spent years and years perfecting the taste. More time is spent on unhealthy food tasting good rather than healthier options. We've all had food that is not considered healthy and it does not taste good.


I will say that I am lucky, my wife is a Dietitian and she is also a great cook. So it does make it easier for me. But, the reason why she can make healthy options taste good, is because she puts in the time to make it taste good. She experimented and figured out recipes that taste amazing. Many people do that everyday, just with unhealthy food. The reason why deep-fried chicken or a cheesecake tastes so good is because someone took the time to experiment and discovered how to make it taste good.


Now obviously I'm not expecting us to quit our jobs and start experimenting and creating recipes. But a lot of people have and the food tastes amazing! For example these energy bites my wife makes. They are perfect for before and after a workout or a hockey game. They also great for a snack to pick you up anytime during the day as well. I'll post a link to the recipe below.


So make healthier options and know it does not mean you are ‘dieting’. It just means you're making more mindful choices and you care about what goes into your body.




Stay Strong!







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