December 24, 2016


This Blog Is For You!


Yes YOU!


The everyday guy just trying be healthy and reach his fitness goals. 


There is so much information out there that is both confusing and complicated.  I am going to take all that information and make it simple and easy for you to follow. Plus, debunk a lot of the myths that exist and make fitness fun and exciting like it should be. No fad diets, No crazy over the top workouts that cause injuries as opposed to results, no false advertisements with 6 packs everywhere, basically, NO BULL!



Growing Stronger is not just about lifting 500 pounds! It’s about becoming a better a version of YOU! Being able to move without injuries, without aches and pains, being able to lift like a champ, being able to become a new you where you take advantage of the potential you are capable of! And trust me, our bodies can handle more then we can even imagine.



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