Are you fed up with typical weight loss programs and get “in-shape” programs where they promise the world and yet deliver nothing?

Tired of going into a gym with no plan, program and or idea of what to do? Simply using a bunch of machines because they ‘look’ fancy and effective?

Bored to death with spending hours on end on treadmills or ellipticals just watching the clock tick down the precious moments of your life?


The guy with the crossed arms in the picture above is me. My name is Belal Hafeez, I am a certified personal trainer, specializing in strength training, mobility, weight loss and giving my clients a great workout! I have trained athletes ranging from rugby players, hockey players and baseball players using a unique system combining athletic strength and conditioning. I have taken the same system and helped many ‘regular’ men to lose weight and construct lean bodies.


Listen, if you are anything like my clients, you are fed up with boring and ineffective programs and routines that promise the world and deliver none of it. You understand the ONLY way to burn fat and build lean, attractive and functional muscle is with a personalized program that is designed just for YOU and is both challenging and exciting!


If what I just described sounds like you, then read-on! This letter is for you.


You are willing and ready to put in the sweat that is required to achieve your fitness goals. Knowing, things just don’t get handed to you, you have to put in the work required to achieve results.


You laugh at the ‘fat loss’ pill advertisements and pity those that waste money on over priced, over hyped, bogus exercise equipments that just end up becoming a $500 furniture at home that just takes up too much space and does nothing else.


You are honest in your efforts and committed to your health, but just don’t know where exactly to start.


You have tried weight loss plans, programs from magazines or websites that are generic and boring only to realize that most of them are ‘fluff than fact’. Also you realize they are not sustainable and not long term.


You want something for YOU! Specific, personalized and simply just for you! You know your time is precious and don’t want to waste it any longer.


It's important that you feel fully supported, understood and appreciated for your time.  You are looking for ‘REAL FITNESS’, where results and personalization of your program is key to achieving your goals!


You Want A Personalized and Effective Fitness Experience

To Reach Your Goals!

What makes my program so ‘POWERFUL’ is that it gives you the power to:

  • Build a lean, strong and functional physique: Losing weight is not always as simple as  ‘eat less and train more’. Building a lean and functional body that provides you with the energy to take part in activities such as running, jumping, hiking, and keeping up with the kids (or grandkids), requires that your exercise program focuses on mobility and flexibility as well as strength and endurance.

  • Burn fat with fun and effective exercises: Walking or running on a treadmill for 30 minutes 3 x a week might be good fitness advice. But who the heck wants to tolerate such a mind numbing activity when you can enjoy a thrilling and self satisfying experience. Lifting heavy, mobilizing and accomplishing feats you didn’t know was possible, all the while staying safe!

  • Get faster and stronger for your sport and activity:  Hockey players, rugby players, baseball players and basketball players achieve great results with the program. My program is designed to prepare athletes for their sports, but tailored for everyday guys who enjoy recreational activities such as golf, friday night hockey, or sunday afternoon basketball. 


Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis, so sign up ASAP.

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