Ramadan Fitness Guide 

Your guide to getting fit this Ramadan 

Ramadan is a spiritual time of reflection, restraint, and resetting. We sometimes forget how this reflection, restraint, and resetting is intertwined with our health, especially during Ramadan.


While you may be strict with fasting, this month often ends up about overeating and lying around as much as possible. The result? You get tired easily, sluggish mid-day, get headaches and find fasting tough.


So I want to provide a change: a Ramadan in which you lose weight, feel energized, get stronger, and use this blessed month as a way to transform the rest of your year.

The Ramadan Fitness Guide includes:

- Full 4-week bodyweight workout 

- Full 4-week gym workout

- Health benefits of working out during Ramadan

- Common mistakes when working out during Ramadan

- Strength and muscle development

- Cardio 
- Mobility

- Picture exercise guide 

- BONUS: Pre-salah mobility routine 

The Ramadan Fitness Guide is for both men and women at all fitness levels that want to incorporate fitness into their Ramadan Routine. There are two levels of exercises for you to choose from (at home bodyweight vs gym routines). 

The Ramadan Fitness Guide will help you:

- help you achieve your fitness goals

- stand for long periods of time in prayer without low back and feet pain 

- sit on the floor longer without knee pain

- sit in various positions in the masjid

- have clarity of the mind to be able to focus during worship

About Belal Hafeez

Belal Hafeez is a Personal Trainer and a Ramadan Fitness Expert. He focuses on helping Muslim men become stronger, lose weight and feel young again. Belal's goal is to redefine the Muslim dad-bod. He offers online training to men anywhere in the world as well in person in the Toronto area. He has been personal training for over 5 years and has been involved in fitness for over 10 years now. Belal is a husband, father, entrepreneur and enjoys spending his free time playing hockey and working out