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I started this website for the same reason I started Personal Training, to be able to help people become healthier. There is so much confusion out there on what is the best way to get healthy, strong and looking good. It seems like everyday someone new pops up saying they got the next best thing that is revolutionary and will provide everyone with the best results. Well, that’s not me. I am not going to tell you that there is one way for everyone, because there isn’t. We are all different and have different goals and needs. Our bodies may look the same, but they function differently and have different needs to correct our imbalances.


Becoming stronger is not just about getting big muscles and being able to lift 500 pounds, but rather it’s a lifestyle of being able to move and be functional. Becoming stronger is a call to becoming a better version of you. To be able to move, run, lift and enjoy yourself doing it.


I’m a devout husband and a father to a beautiful little daughter who is more active than I am. I understand how tough and busy life can get. My job is to help make it easy and simple to follow along and become stronger.  My certifications in program design, strength training and mobility give me the needed tools to help my clients reach their goals. 


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Belal Hafeez, Personal Trainer
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